NRSM Student Services and Resources

Student Physical and Mental Health Resources

  • Boynton Health - primary health care clinic serving the U community.
  • Student Mental Health Resources - UMN is dedicated to raising awareness about issues related to student mental health, effecting policy change, improving conditions on our campus for students with mental health conditions, and serving as a model of collaboration for our campus and other universities.
  • CFANS Wellness Navigator - Our college has a dedicated staff person for assisting students as they try to work through issues related to mental or physical health, academic or financial stress, or personal challenges wrought by life changes.
  • Student Conflict Resolution Center - a rich assortment of resources tied to navigating difficult situations with your advisor, professor, or other individuals. Particularly worth mentioning is The Dignity Project, an initiative focused on academic civility. 
  • Disability Resource Center - with resources available for students with both visible and invisible disabilities, the mission of the UMN Disability Resource Center is "Advancing Access for Everyone."
  • Student Health Benefit Plan - cost-effective, comprehensive health plan for students.
  • Graduate Assistant Health Plan - health plan specifically tailored for UMN graduate assistants, fellows, and trainees.

Academic Resources

  • Onestop Student Services - Your 'one stop' for information regarding registration, records, financial aid, billing, payment, and veterans benefits.
  • Graduate Student Services and Progress (GSSP) - advises students concerning graduate education and University policies and procedures.
  • Academic and Career Support - provides programs, resources, and events to help you identify potential career paths and develop necessary skills.
  • International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) - an invaluable resource to international students at the University of Minnesota. ISSS can assist with questions related to travel, visa requirements, employment, legal services, living in Minnesota, and more!
  • UMN Libraries - take advantage of all UMN has to offer by utilizing library databases and resources for your academic success.
  • NRSM Student Handbook - all NRSM students should review the program handbook relevant to their degree program to ensure they are on the correct path towards degree completion.

Campus Community

  • Housing Resources - resources for students looking for on-campus or off-campus housing.
  • Women's Center - the UMN Women's Center seeks to advance gender equity and "educate and inspire feminist leaders, advance an empowering intellectual environment, and advocate for an equitable University culture and community."
  • Disability Resource Center - with resources available for students with both visible and invisible disabilities, the mission of the UMN Disability Resource Center is "Advancing Access for Everyone."
  • Twin Cities Multicultural Directory - this directory was developed to assist students living in the Twin Cities area with finding available resources and services. The directory is broken down by category and primary community.
  • Student Groups - there are literally thousands of student groups at the University of Minnesota, serving all communities of students. No matter your interest, you're sure to find a group that fits your needs. If you don't see a group that represents what you are looking for, think about starting your own student group!
  • NRSM Diversity and Inclusion Resources - visit this page for additional resources relevant to our continual effort to create a space that welcomes and includes all people.

Employment Resources

  • CCAPS, CDes, and CFANS Career and Internship Services - Formerly called the St. Paul Campus Career Center, this office dedicated to colleges on the St. Paul Campus supports students of all identities in career development.
  • UMN Student Employment - HR page created to help students search for jobs, understand UMN employment policies, and answer questions related to the student employee experience.
  • Graduate Assistant Employment - secondary HR page created to aid in the search for Graduate Assistant positions specifically.

Financial Resources