Current Student Research Interests

StudentDegreeResearch Topic/TitleAdvisor(s)
Sophie AckermanMSImpact of broadcast-applied biochar on seedling growth, drought resilience and vegetative competition response; Understory vegetation response to prescribed burns in mature and old-growth red pine standsMarcella Windmuller-Campione
Max BenningMSIdentifying the factors that constrain and facilitate the adoption of agroforestry practices by Minnesota and Wisconsin landownersDean Current
Kevin BehrensMSAssessing mercury in gaseous fluxes and vegetation at the SPRUCE experiment, a whole ecosystem warming by elevated carbon dioxide study in northern MinnesotaRandy Kolka
Michael CarsonPhDUpdating stocking charts and site index curves to a changed climate for forest planning & assessing timber transportation safetyJohn Zobel
Erin ClarkPhDEcosystem impacts of emerald ash borer induced tree mortalityRob Slesak/
Rebecca Montgomery
Jeff DisbrowMSIdentifying and Quantifying Active Retrogressive Thaw Slumps Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery and Digital Elevation ModelsJoe Knight
Auste EigirdasMSClimate-adaptive silviculture in urban floodplain forestsMarcella Windmuller-Campione
Holly FrancartMSDetection and dynamics of Eastern larch beetle in lowland conifer forests in Wisconsin; possible replacement tree species for forests impacted by emerald ash borerMarcella Windmuller-Campione
Catherine Glenn-StoneMSAssessing the physiological responses of trees in floodplain forests impacted by emerald ash borer, Dutch elm disease, and a changing climate to inform future forest management practicesMarcella Windmuller-Campione/
Rebecca Montgomery
Mirae GuentherMSExamining how changes in urban tree canopy cover and functional diversity within watersheds in Saint Paul, MN correlate with changes in stormwater concentration-discharge relationshipsDiana Karwan
Gregory HarrisMSInvestigating the attributes and dynamics of standing dead trees to better understand their role in forest carbon storage and fluxMarcella Windmuller-Campione
Daniel HernandezMSMethodology for the analysis of rural economies in the global south; understanding ethnic, ancestral or traditional processes in the framework of extractivism and environmental colonialism processesKarlyn Eckman/Dean Current
Aaron HinzMSHydrology Chris Lenhart/Diana Karwan
Quentin IkutaMSSpecies distribution modeling for oak regeneration in the southern Appalachians, silviculture, and fireMarcella Windmuller-Campione
Panmei JiangPhDCarbon dynamics in forests associated with fire in the western United StatesGrant Domke
Hannah Jo KingPhDTribal and cultural resources management, food sovereignty, Black ecologies, environmental justiceMae Davenport
Katrina KlettPhDProtection and sustainable use of the Asian honeybee in rural mountain communities in China and beyondMarla Spivak
Dirk LastMSFostering Climate Action: Enhancing REDD+ in the Lower Mekong Basin via Expandable Earth Observation SystemsChad Babcock
Shanell LovelaceMSHuman dimensions of conservation science and resource management; connecting human health to resource sustainability David Fulton
Luiza LucenaPhDAssessing the attractiveness of Non-Timber Forest Product attributes to expand market opportunities in the United States: A case study in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, GuatemalaDean Current
Leslie McInenlyPhDDecision Support Tools and Stakeholder Considerations for Natural Resource Management: Examples from Minnesota's Deer Management ProgramDavid Fulton
William MekeelPhDPrecision agriculture applications (such as the effects of pests and disease) on apparent plant reflectanceJoe Knight
Gabby MenominMSHow tribal environmental knowledge and oral histories can inform forest restoration, ecology, and management planning to support tribal goalsMike Dockry
Kowsar MohamedPhDExploring equitable innovative methods for natural resource management by centering Afro-Indigenous knowledge, cultural design, and technologyMae Davenport
Melonee MontanoMSIdentifying impacts on the connections between fire, the land, more-than-humans, and humans, and the benefits of returning to the use of fire as one of the traditional land management practices of the Anishinaabeg, through decolonized research, Indigenous methodologies, and the blending of both Western and Indigenous ScienceMike Dockry
Joe NowakPhDImproving collaborative science communication between agricultural producers and stakeholdersMae Davenport
Fredrick Lala OdockPhDImpact of infrastructural development in Tsavo National Parks (Kenya) on the movement of wildlifeJoseph Bump
Ren OliveMSExploration of a 'farm to fridge' model to mutually benefit small to mid-size farmers and local rural grocery storesNicholas Jordan
Florencia Pech CardenasPhDIndigenous peoples and the management of their forest, tourism, ethnobiology, and sustainability in the Yucatan PeninsulaKristen Nelson/Mike Dockry
Keith PelletierPhDDeveloping new classification and assessment methods for object-based image analysis of forestsJoe Knight
Rose PickloMSInfluence of temperature on the development of eastern larch beetle Dendroctonus simplexBrian Aukema
Kira PollackMSIncreasing knowledge of eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) planting methods to boost land managers' successAndrew David/ Marcella Windmuller-Campione
Monica RandazzoMSImpacts of urban natural resource workforce development and training programsMae Davenport
Audrey RobesonPhDCity and country environmental policymaking, climate change and disaster recovery, and community-engaged scholarshipForrest Fleischman
Jessica RootesPhDPerforming eastern spruce budworm comparison studies using two locations: northern Minnesota and Isle RoyaleBrian Aukema
Chelsea SemperMSRegeneration and management of white spruce-aspen mixedwood standsJohn Zobel/Marcella Windmuller-Campione
Terrence SerresMSImpacts of fire severity and microtopography on red and white pine seed germination and seedling survivalLee Frelich/Peter Reich
Emma SmollMSInvestigating native seedling viability in Mississippi River floodplain forestsRebecca Montgomery
Jessica TranPhDCommunity-Based Participatory Research and Environmental Justice Mae Davenport
Paulina Vergara BuitragoPhDSustainable management of the Rabanal Paramo Integrated Management Regional District (Colombia): Connecting the biodiversity and ecosystems servicesDean Current
Clara von DohlenMS

Climate adaptation policy and how we can build sustainable and resilient communities, and pursue green infrastructure in a way that does not perpetuate and replicate historical systematic oppressions

Forrest Fleischman
Eric WalbergPhDLandowner attitudes toward elk in Minnesota: Management acceptability, wildlife stewardship and intolerance, management objective ranking, and risk perceptionsDavid Fulton
Anna YangPhDEvaluating efficacy of oak wilt management and long-term impacts of oak wilt on MN forestsRebecca Montgomery
Elana ZienPhDUnderstanding how environmental policy advocates select advocacy strategies, and how those advocacy strategies workForrest Fleischman