Current Student Research Interests

Student Degree Research Topic/Title Advisor(s)
Connor Anderson PhD Intersection of geospatial analysis and wetland monitoring; remote sensing-based methods to map the invasive species Phragmites australis. Joe Knight
Baishali Bakshi PhD Impact of climate-induced forest composition change on outdoor recreation in the Laurentian Mixed Forest Province of northern Minnesota Stephen Polasky
Kevin Behrens MS Assessing mercury in gaseous fluxes and vegetation at the SPRUCE experiment, a whole ecosystem warming by elevated carbon dioxide study in northern Minnesota Randy Kolka
Michael Carson PhD Updating stocking charts and site index curves to a changed climate for forest planning & assessing timber transportation safety John Zobel
Jeff Disbrow MS Identifying and Quantifying Active Retrogressive Thaw Slumps Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery and Digital Elevation Models Joe Knight
Bobbi Donovan MS Environmental education Stephan Carlson
Ethan Emick MS Developing spatial models utilizing remotely sensed data to predict biomass for application in forest planning and carbon markets Chad Babcock
Brittany Faust MS Assessment of runoff from impervious surfaces using simulated and natural rain events in Downtown Minneapolis to inform stormwater management practices Joe Magner
Lucia Fitts Vargas PhD Modeling and simulating land use change and forest carbon stocks in US temperate forests Matt Russell
Tyler Gifford PhD Forest and natural resource biometrics John Zobel
Louis Goodall MS Historic and present floristic diversity of Minnesotan woodlands in the North Central Harwoods ecoregion Lee Frelich
Alex Gorman MS Effects of eastern dwarf spruce mistletoe on black spruce Marcella Windmuller-Campione
Jared Gottlieb MS Forest genetics Andrew David
Ella Gray PhD

Effects of Eastern Dwarf Mistletoe (Arceuthobium pusillum Peck) Infestation in Lowland Black Spruce (Picea mariana (Mill.) B. S. P.) at Multiple Scales

Marcella Windmuller-Campione/Matt Russell
A. Grace Haynes MS Velvet longhorned beetle (T. campestris) tree host preferences Brian Aukema
Michelle Heyn PhD Corporate environmental performance and its relationship to reputation, reporting, and organization Stephen Polasky
Aaron Hinz MS Hydrology  Karlyn Eckman/Diana Karwan
Panmei Jiang PhD Carbon dynamics in forests associated with fire in the western United States Grant Domke
Gwen Keller MS Mitigation of emerald ash borer effects on black ash wetlands via diversification of stand composition Rob Slesak/Marcella Windmuller-Campione
Hannah Jo King PhD  African-American ecological knowledge and environmental justice Mae Davenport
Katrina Klett PhD Protection and sustainable use of the Asian honeybee in rural mountain communities in China and beyond Marla Spivak
Emily Kreiter PhD The role of science communication in influencing Environmental risk perception and pro-environmental behavior Mae Davenport
Jessica Lackey MS Tribal Nation and Federal government relationships within public lands management Mae Davenport
Hannah Legatzke PhD Impacts of community based tourism on community empowerment and livelihoods in the Maya Biosphere Reserve and beyond Dean Current
Mat Lochner MS Effects of biochar-amended soil on survival of jack pine seedlings Marcella Windmuller-Campione/Rob Slesak
Audrey Lothspeich MS Using satellite imagery to characterize the spatiotemporal dynamics of palustrine wetlands over ~40 years Joe Knight
Luiza Lucena MS Sustainable local development Dean Current
J. William Lund MS Sediment transport in rivers and streams in Minnesota and Wisconsin  Diana Karwan
Leslie McInenly PhD Decision Support Tools and Stakeholder Considerations for Natural Resource Management: Examples from Minnesota's Deer Management Program David Fulton
William Mekeel PhD Precision agriculture applications (such as the effects of pests and disease) on apparent plant reflectance Joe Knight
Gabby Menomin MS How tribal environmental knowledge and oral histories can inform forest restoration, ecology, and management planning to support tribal goals Mike Dockry
Jamie Mosel PhD Effects of drought on forests in north central Minnesota, and how drought interacts with adaptive forest management practices Matt Russell/Rebecca Montgomery
R. Lane Moser MS Influence of the Great Lakes Silviculture Library on forestry practice;  science of establishment and growth through the re-measurement of a long-term quaking aspen experiment in northern Minnesota Marcella Windmuller-Campione/Rob Slesak
Claudia Nanninga PhD Impact of global climate change on temperate and boreal forest ecosystems Rebecca Montgomery
Nick Neylon MS Use of arboricultural techniques to create wildlife trees in urban environments Eric North
J. Jane Nolan MS Detecting variations in tree canopy cover, biomass, and carbon content across a forest-prairie gradient Matt Russell
Joe Nowak PhD Improving collaborative science communication between agricultural producers and stakeholders Mae Davenport
Fredrick Lala Odock PhD Impact of infrastructural development in Tsavo National Parks (Kenya) on the movement of wildlife Joseph Bump
Ren Olive MS Exploration of a 'farm to fridge' model to mutually benefit small to mid-size farmers and local rural grocery stores Nicholas Jordan
Ethan Pawlowski PhD

In search of the phosphorus legacy: merging hydrological and biogeochemical approaches to understand phosphorus dynamics in streams

Diana Karwan
Florencia Pech Cardenas PhD Indigenous peoples and the management of their forest, tourism, ethnobiology, and sustainability in the Yucatan Peninsula Kristen Nelson/Mike Dockry
Keith Pelletier PhD Developing new classification and assessment methods for object-based image analysis of forests Joe Knight
Hannah Ramer PhD Historical and contemporary urban agriculture policy in Minneapolis Kristen Nelson
Monica Randazzo MS Impacts of urban natural resource workforce development and training programs Mae Davenport
Aidan Read MS Adoption and implementation of snow fences and soil health practices Dean Current
Sam Reed PhD Compounding Resilience, Ecological Disturbances, and the Turbulent Forest Peter Reich/Lee Frelich
Lloyd Rivera PhD Environmental impact assessments; closing gaps between scientists and practitioners Tim Smith
Danielle Sackett MS Developing models to estimate the prevalence of the invasive species Phragmites australis Joe Knight
Marissa Schmitz PhD Woods-work in Transition: an oral history ongoing project exploring social and economic change among Minnesota's logging operators Forrest Fleischman
Terrence Serres MS Impacts of fire severity and microtopography on red and white pine seed germination and seedling survival Lee Frelich/Peter Reich
Hailey Shanovich PhD Arthropod pest management in an agroforestry system, particularly involving cold-hardy hybrid hazelnuts Brian Aukema
Amy Shaunette MS Response of tamarack forests to eastern larch beetle infestation in northern Minnesota Marcella Windmuller-Campione
Anna Stockstad MS Impact of winter snowfall removal and snow through fall reduction on soil strength, moisture dynamics, and biogeochemical cycling Rob Slesak
Louise Thompson MS Water literacy data Jim Perry
Eric Walberg PhD Landowner attitudes toward elk in Minnesota: Management acceptability, wildlife stewardship and intolerance, management objective ranking, and risk perceptions David Fulton
Jared Walhowe MS Land Manager Decision-Making Practices When Establishing Public Fruit-bearing Plants in Hennepin County Municipalities, Minnesota Kristen Nelson
Emilie Wille MS Characterization of carbon and phosphorus cycling and movement in restored Minnesota peatlands Chris Lenhart
Anna Yang PhD Effect of oak wilt on gap environment and regeneration; efficacy of root-rupture treatments and viability of oak wilt fungus in stumps and soils of infected pockets of forests Rebecca Montgomery
Austin Yantes PhD Temperate savanna ecosystem restoration Rebecca Montgomery
Becky Zhong PhD In the context of commodity frontier: Toward realizing large scale production of biobased products through repurposing agri-food waste by-products as new commodities for a circular and sustainable bioeconomy Michael Boland
Elana Zien PhD Understanding how environmental policy advocates select advocacy strategies, and how those advocacy strategies work Forrest Fleischman