External Funding Opportunities

This is a list of selected awards, fellowships, grants, and scholarships funded by agencies outside the University of Minnesota. Most of these opportunities have application deadlines in late fall, but not all, so please read the information available on the respective websites carefully. 

Title Field(s) Relevant to NRSM Eligibility
American Geophysical Union Horton (Hydrology) Research Grant Hydrology; water resources policy Varies by award
American Geosciences Institute Scholarship Programs Geoscience; hydrology Varies by award; award availability subject to change
American Water Works Association Scholarships Water supply Varies by award
Center for Online Education Free online resources and scholarships Varies
Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships Earth sciences, economics, engineering, geography, international relations, sociology, urban planning US citizen or national; plan for academic career
Graduate Women in Science Natural sciences, including environmental Female graduate students
Izaak Walton League Scholarship Environmental: education, law, wildlife management; conservation of resources or environmental science MN residents and US citizens; demonstrated need
Mellon Mays Predoctoral Research Grants Earth sciences; ecology; sociology Doctoral students; varies
National Academies of Sciences Christine Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Grad Fellowship Social science; physical or biological science; engineering US citizens and international students holding visa
National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants Selected areas of biological sciences (see recent awards list)  
Social Science Research Council Int'l Dissertation Research Fellowship Social science PhD students who have completed all but on-site research
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Fellowships Forest science ecology; biogeography Varies by award
Udall Foundation Programs Leadership, education, collaboration, and conflict resolution in areas of environment, public lands, natural resources Varies by program/award
US DoE Office of Science Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists Biology; environmental sciences US citizens; incoming grad students