Hannah Jo King Published in Two Journals

October 24, 2022

We congratulate Hannah Jo King on getting published in two separate publications over the summer months. Hannah Jo is a fourth-year PhD student (Advisor: Mae Davenport) exploring African-American ecological knowledge and environmental justice.

  • King, H.J. (2022). Poems in Black Water Ecologies. In Brown, M., Golden, S. C., Chhay, K., Mejicano, E., Osademe, C., Reynolds, K. (Eds.), SPARK: Volume II (pp. 50-65). Community of Scholars Program at the University of Minnesota. https://sparkezine.com/3d-flip-book/spark-july-2022/
  • Keeler, B. L., Derickson, K. D. King, H. J., Leneman, K. B., Moskowitz, A. F., Mrutu, A., ... & Walker, R. H. (2022). Community-Engaged Scholarship for Graduate Students: Insights from the CREATE Scholars Program. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, 26(2), pp. 125-138. https://openjournals.libs.uga.edu/jheoe/article/view/2948/2757