Jim Perry - International Research

See below for various examples of research projects undertaken by Dr. Jim Perry over the past several years.

Capacity Development Program for UNEP

man in Mexico wearing a white hat
  • Field tested in Kenya, then mobilized world-wide.
  • Later developed into a Training of Trainers (ToT) version that was field tested in South Korea with participants from 12 SE Asian countries.
  • This has recently been further refined and published, and it influences Dr. Perry's teaching here on campus.

UNESCO on World Heritage Sites

Kenyan citizens with University of Minnesota researchers
  • Began with a research question on "hot spots", asking which World Heritage sites are most at risk from climate change.
  • Followed by a training manual for World Heritage Site managers to help them develop climate change adaptation strategies.
  • Later field tested in Kenyas and India and is available in three languages.