Anne Christianson - International Research

photo of Anne Christianson in front of ice field in Antarctica

Ph.D., graduated May 2021, Natural Resources Science and Management working with Dr. Kristen Nelson.


Anne Christianson was selected as one of 76 women scientists globally to take part in the inaugural expedition to Antarctica of the Homeward Bound leadership initiative. The goal of the initiative is to build a 1,000 strong network of women scientists around the world over ten years, to tackle the world's most pressing environmental challenges. While in Antarctica in 2016, Anne undertook courses in leadership, science communication, strategic skills, and Antarctic climate and ecosystem science. Anne has continued to engage in the Antarctic community, in particularly researching and publishing on how climate change impacts Southern Ocean ecosystems.


For her PhD dissertation, Anne Christianson collaborated with the Global Mountain EbA Programme and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to examine ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) program outcomes near Mount Elgon National Park, Uganda. EbA programs use biodiversity and ecosystem services to help people adapt to climate change, however the stated co-benefits of these programs, including gender equity and wildlife conservation, are not adequately assessed. In 2018 Anne traveled to the Mt. Elgon region and conducting interviews and community discussions in communities where EbA projects were implemented, exploring how these programs impact individual adaptive capacity and resilience.