International Faculty Research

Dean Current

Dean Current

I am working in Guatemala (MBR) and NE India with research concentrating on community based natural resource management and using markets to drive conservation and livelihood improvements in communities that sustainably manage forests and harvest both timber and non-timber forest products. We are currently expanding our efforts in partnership with the Rainforest Alliance to to work with forest communities in Mexico, Honduras, Columbia and Peru.


Mike Dockry

Mike Dockry

My research is focused on developing tools and methods to support forest and natural resource planning and management that incorporates multiple uses, goals, and perspectives from broad segments of society.

International research conducted in South American (mostly Bolivia).

Visit my website for more information.


Karlyn Eckman

Retired, formerly Department of Forest Resources. Currently an adjunct faculty member in FR, NRSM and WRS. Fulbright Fellow in India (Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Award). Extensive experience in Nepal, Somalia, Zambia, the Lower Mekong Basin and elsewhere.

PI on a GPS Alliance Global Spotlight grant in Mizoram, Northeast India (with Dean Current). This research program now involves faculty from several UMN departments. We signed MOUs to collaborate on research and academic areas with Mizoram University and Kohima Science College in Nagaland, also in NE India. Our UMN team has sent several UMN grad students to Mizoram. We have also co-hosted four international conferences, and 5th e-conference planned for Fall 2021 in Minnesota. We have published three books on our research.


Forrest Fleischman

My areas of interest include the social science of ecological restoration and reforestation, public participation and the use of science in democratic decision-making, and climate adaptation.

My international research focuses on South Asia & Mesoamerica.



Rebecca Montgomery


Jim Perry

H.T. Morse Distinguished Professor of Water Quality and Environmental Management Undergraduate Coordinator for Fisheries and Wildlife, and for Wildlife Care and Handling, Dept. of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

I have worked internationally for 50 years. My main areas of interest include: climate change adaptation, ecosystem management, watershed management, and decision making. My work is always local, usually at the watershed and ecosystem scale, but conducted globally. My focus for several years has been climate change adaptation in internationally designated protected areas, most notably natural World Heritage sites. I teach study abroad in Chile and have ongoing research and capacity development work in Chile, Brazil and India. 

Visit this webpage for more information regarding my more recent international research projects.


Ingrid Schneider

Professor, Department of Forest Resources

My research is focused mainly in the areas of parks, recreation, and tourism management. 

International research conducted in Germany, Austria, and Italy. Previous research in Jordan and Japan.