NRSM Minor Requirements

NRSM Students

NRSM students who wish to declare a minor should discuss the option with their advisor. If the advisor agrees that the student should pursue a declared minor, the student can officially add the minor online. Please be sure to let us know (via [email protected]) so that we can coordinate the process with the minor program. Note that students will have two records in GPAS: one for the major and one for the minor. Our program allows students to count coursework as both major and minor. For more about GPAS, please see the handbook pages relating to your degree objective (i.e., Plan A, Plan B, doctoral).

Minor Committee Membership

Students with a declared minor MUST have a faculty member from the minor program on their committee.

Students in Other Programs

Students majoring in other programs can declare a minor in the Natural Resources Science and Management graduate program. Master's students must complete a minimum of eight credits of NRSM-related coursework (i.e., ESPM and FNRM coursework, typically), and doctoral students must complete a minimum of twelve credits of NRSM-related coursework (again, typically ESPM or FNRM courses).

Students wishing to declare an NRSM minor must complete a minor proposal form and have it approved by the NRSM Director of Graduate Studies. Please reach out to the program office ([email protected]) for a copy of this form.

NRSM Faculty Representative

NRSM minor students must have an NRSM faculty member represented on their final exam committee. This committee member can also help the student to identify appropriate coursework to complete for their minor program. Note that this requirement does not apply if the student is majoring in a graduate program that does not require a formal committee - typically, Plan C master's programs would fall into this category.

GPAS Approval

Students should discuss their minor plan with their major program personnel (i.e., either the program coordinator or director of graduate studies, or both). As part of this conversation, the student should make sure the major program personnel know which courses will be counting toward the minor. The NRSM program will approve the minor plan in GPAS after coordinating the process with the major plan's DGS or program coordinator.