Faculty in Recreation Resources, Tourism, and Environmental Education

This list represents faculty who are available to advise and/or serve on committees. Not every individual on this list is in a position to advise students, so prospective students should plan to reach out to the program or the faculty member to inquire if they are unsure.

Name Topics
Robert Blair Environmental science education, extension, and outreach
Stephan Carlson Extension and youth development, park and recreation resources
Mae Davenport Human dimensions of natural resources and recreation management
David Fulton Human dimensions of natural resource policy and planning
Adam Landon Human dimensions of natural resources, especially environmental and conservation psychology
Ingrid Schneider Recreation resource management, tourism, human dimensions of natural resources
Stephanie Snyder Private forest landowner behaviors, attitudes, values and responsiveness to assistance programs, including: forest carbon market participation, stewardship activities, invasive forest plant management, and gender and woodland ownership. Additional areas of research experience and interest include: drivers and impacts of forestland parcelization, determinants of public recreational access on private forest lands, multi-objective optimization decision-modeling and trade-off analysis, conservation reserve site selection modeling, and non-market valuation of environmental goods and services