Faculty in Forest Products

This list represents faculty who are available to advise and/or serve on committees. Not every individual on this list is in a position to advise students, so prospective students should plan to reach out to the program or the faculty member to inquire if they are unsure.

Name Topics
Robert Blanchette Forest and shade tree diseases, wood microbiology
Charlie Blinn Forest and riparian zone management, marketing, harvesting
Andrew David Forest genetics, tree improvement, gene conservation, alternative biomass crops
Omar Espinoza Process improvement; supply chain management; performance measurement; product development; marketing of biobased products; environmental certification
Patrick Huelman Thermal and moisture performance of residential building systems, components, and materials
Shri Ramaswamy Scientific and engineering principles in various processes during forest products manufacture
Simo Sarkanen Lignin chemistry and biochemistry
Jonathan Schilling Biodegradation, wood microbiology, forest biogeochemistry
Steve Severtson Surface and colloid science, materials science
Timothy Smith Corporate environmental management, sustainable enterprise strategy, integrated marketing communications, green design
Ulrike Tschirner Chlorine-free bleaching of fiber for paper manufacture, sustainable use of lignocellulosics
William Tze Preparation and utilization of nanocellulose and biobased nanocomposites, surface modification for improving adhesion and functionality of biobased materials, investigation of submicron-scale and interfacial properties in relation to material performance
Jerrold Winandy Effects of biochemical phenomenon on the mechanical properties of wood, relationship between chemical composition and strength loss