Faculty in Forests: Biology, Ecology, Conservation, and Management

This list represents faculty who are available to advise and/or serve on committees. Not every individual on this list is in a position to advise students, so prospective students should plan to reach out to the program or the faculty member to inquire if they are unsure. 

Current students looking solely for someone to serve on a committee should consult the faculty role list database, organized by the MS and PhD programs.

Brian AukemaForest entomology, statistics
Robert BlanchetteForest and shade tree diseases, wood microbio
Charlie BlinnForest and riparian zone management, marketing, harvesting
Alicia ColemanUrban tree planting, monitoring, and management; urban and community forest planning and conservation; decision making and human dimensions of arboriculture and urban forestry
Dean CurrentResource analysis, international forestry
Andrew DavidForest genetics, tree improvement, gene conservation, alternative biomass crops
Irene De Pellegrin LlorenteForest management planning and Operations Research applications in forestry; modeling tools to address important and challenging forest management planning problems such as uncertainty, climate change, and spatially-explicit forest ecosystem conditions; multi-objective forest management planning; forest economics applications and timber supply analysis
Mike DockrySocial, community, and indigenous forestry; human environment interactions; traditional ecological knowledge; American Indian studies; climate change planning; international forestry and development; land tenure; public involvement, collaboration and participatory methods; planning; interdisciplinary sustainability science; environmental history; strategic foresight methods.
Grant DomkeCarbon dynamics in natural and managed ecosystems, resource inventory and assessment, ecosystem health, dendroecology, global change, bioenergy, forest canopy dynamics, ecosystem modeling, and forest biomass and carbon accounting.
Chris EdgarForest resource analysis
Lee FrelichForest ecology: fire and wind, climate change and invasive species
David FultonHuman dimensions of natural resource policy and planning
Nicholas JordanAgroecology, weed ecology and management, diversification
Mike KilgoreNatural resources economics, policy, and administration
Randy KolkaLand management (forest, agriculture and urban land uses) on the terrestrial and aquatic cycling of nutrients, carbon, heavy metals (notably mercury) and water
Daniel LarkinRestoration ecology, invasion biology, aquatic plant management, wetland ecology, plant community ecology
Chris Lenhartlinkages between hydrology, stream geomorphology and ecology; ecological restoration of streams and wetlands
Rebecca MontgomeryForest ecology, ecophysiology, tropical ecology, global change biology
Kristen NelsonHuman dimensions, community forestry, environmental sociology, dispute resolution, and participatory planning
Mark NelsonForest Inventory Analysis; forest biodiversity; wildlife habitat; forest-associated freshwater fish; land cover, land use, and change
Brian PalikForest ecology
Stephen PolaskyEnvironmental and resource economics, ecology and economics, conservation biology, game theory
Peter ReichTerrestrial ecology, linking fundamental physiology with community dynamics and ecosystem structure and function, rising CO2 and climate change, biodiversity loss, and wildfire
Matt RussellForest ecosystem health, modeling forest ecosystem dynamics, and forest analytics
Ingrid SchneiderRecreation resource management, tourism, human dimensions of natural resources
Rob SlesakForest soils, applied forest ecology, forest management, hydrology, forest monitoring
Veronique St. LouisQuantitative ecology
Robert VenetteInvasive species
Marcella Windmuller-CampioneSilviculture and applied forest ecology
John ZobelForestry biometrics