Faculty in Economics, Policy, Management and Society

This list represents faculty who are available to advise and/or serve on committees. Not every individual on this list is in a position to advise students, so prospective students should plan to reach out to the program or the faculty member to inquire if they are unsure.

Name Topics
David Bengston Environmental futures research to develop foresight for decision making in forestry
Charlie Blinn Forest and riparian zone management, marketing, harvesting
Michael Boland Agricultural economics and management, life cycle analysis, supply chain management, collective action
Dean Current Resource analysis, international forestry
Mae Davenport Human dimensions of natural resources and recreation management
Mike Dockry Social, community, and indigenous forestry; human environment interactions; traditional ecological knowledge; American Indian studies; climate change planning; international forestry and development; land tenure; public involvement, collaboration and participatory methods; planning; interdisciplinary sustainability science; environmental history; strategic foresight methods
Karlyn Eckman International development, community forestry, water rights, participatory methods, monitoring and evaluation, and social vulnerability assessment. Initiated joint research with Mizoram, northeastern India in collaboration with Mizoram University, involving more than a dozen faculty and students from both institutions. The research spans food security, agroforestry, mycology and the transformation of production systems.
Forrest Fleischman Natural resource policy, politics & governance
David Fulton Human dimensions of natural resource policy and planning
James Gerber Interrelation of climate variability, crop yields, and systemic trends in food security
Robert Haight Economics and operations research
Jason Hill Energy and food sustainability, bioenergy, life cycle assessment
Bonnie Keeler Ecology, economics, and software development; seeking to better communicate and quantify the value of nature
Mike Kilgore Natural resources economics, policy, and administration
Adam Landon Human dimensions of natural resources, especially environmental and conservation psychology
Mike Larson Avian ecology & management, quantitative ecology, decision analysis
Deborah Levison In the Global South: child work/child labor & education; gender issues; labor economics; population studies
David Mulla Measurement, modeling, and management of uncertainty and risk for non-point source pollution of surface and groundwater; the characterization and estimation of field-scale variability for precision farming; the evaluation of alternative farm management strategies for improved soil quality and sustainability; and evaluation of policies for soil and water resources
Kristen Nelson Human dimensions, community forestry, environmental sociology, dispute resolution, and participatory planning
Mark Nelson  
Karen Oberhauser Invertebrate conservation and ecology, with particular interest in monarch butterflies; Citizen Science and ecological monitoring; Promoting a citizenry with a high degree of scientific and environmental literacy
A. Stephen Polasky Environmental and resource economics, ecology and economics, conservation biology, game theory
C. Ford Runge Natural resource economics, environmental benefits analysis
Ingrid Schneider Recreation resource management, tourism, human dimensions of natural resources
Rachel Schurman Technology and society, social aspects of genetic engineering, agrofood studies, natural resource sociology
Timothy Smith Corporate Environmental Management, Sustainable Enterprise Strategy, Integrated marketing communications, green design.
Stephanie Snyder Private forest landowner behaviors, attitudes, values and responsiveness to assistance programs, including: forest carbon market participation, stewardship activities, invasive forest plant management, and gender and woodland ownership
John Zobel Forestry biometrics