Faculty in Assessment, Monitoring, and Geospatial Analysis

This list represents faculty who are available to advise and/or serve on committees. Not every individual on this list is in a position to advise students, so prospective students should plan to reach out to the program or the faculty member to inquire if they are unsure. 

Name Topics
Brian Aukema Forest entomology, statistics
Chad Babcock Remote sensing, forest inventory, geospatial analysis, and Bayesian statistics
Paul Bolstad GIS in natural resource analysis, forest ecology, spatial data analysis
Jennifer Corcoran land cover change detection using remotely sensed data; spatial analyses of forest disturbance; implementation and effectiveness of foresty best management practices; water quality implications of forest practices at the watershed scale; risk assessment. 
Grant Domke Carbon dynamics in natural and managed ecosystems, resource inventory and assessment, ecosystem health, dendroecology, global change, bioenergy, forest canopy dynamics, ecosystem modeling, and forest biomass and carbon accounting
Chris Edgar Forest resource analysis
John Fieberg Statistical ecology, population dynamics, wildlife survival analysis
Mark Hansen Forest Survey, data close up base management systems
Jason Hill Energy and food sustainability, bioenergy, life cycle assessment
Diana Karwan Variations in climate and land use; physical, chemical, and ecological transport processes in watersheds, with emphasis on the movement of fine suspended sediments and particulate organic material; field sampling and field-scale experiments, laboratory analyses, and numerical and statistical models to describe transport processes
Joe Knight Remote sensing and geospatial analysis
Ronald McRoberts Statistical approaches in forest inventory
Mark Nelson Forest Inventory Analysis; forest biodiversity; wildlife habitat; forest-associated freshwater fish; land cover, land use, and change
C. Hobie Perry Forest soils, inventory, hydrology
Matthew Russell Forest ecosystem health, modeling forest ecosystem dynamics, and forest analytics
John Zobel Forestry biometrics